If you or a family member has been victimized by an Arizona elderly scam, you know the emotional pain and financial damage that can result. Throughout Maricopa County and Arizona each year, thousands of elderly and vulnerable adults are neglected, abused, and manipulated. In many of these cases, an experienced Arizona law firm is essential to getting justice for Arizona’s vulnerable adults. There are a variety of ways that residents of Arizona are taken advantage of by scams involving financial exploitation of elderly persons. In Phoenix, Scottsdale and throughout Arizona, retirees and senior citizens need a financial abuse & exploitation attorney when they have been the victims of securities or telemarketing fraud, or if they have been tricked into investing in a Ponzi scheme.

If you have been the victim of such a crime, the attorneys at Baskin PLC are experienced in stockbroker fraud cases, securities arbitration & litigation, white collar crime, and a host of other complex federal and Arizona laws and regulations and can help you get justice. We are extremely skilled and experienced with cases relating to fraud, ponzi schemes, the sale of unregistered securities, unsuitable or improper investment recommendations and regulation of securities professionals and brokers.

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of this complex area of Arizona law including Arizona’s vulnerable adult statute. Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended countless cases related to elderly scams and have helped many clients navigate through the Arizona court system. Our experience on both sides of these cases can prove essential to your needs

If you or an elderly family member believe you may have been victimized, or if you have been arrested for financial exploitation in Arizona or fear that you may be arrested for an alleged financial scam, do not face the legal and financial challenges alone. Contact us for the help you need.

Financially vulnerable adult accusations are not always justified in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. The financial manipulation of a vulnerable adult may be a crime. Many accusations of criminal behavior related to vulnerable adult crimes, however, are unfounded and unsupportable. If you face charges alleging that you have taken improper advantage of a vulnerable adult in Arizona, you need a Phoenix financial elder abuse attorney who can rigorously defend your rights and who will fight to have your case dismissed.

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