We bring the intellectual firepower, creativity and resources needed to solve “bet the company” problems, but can also effectively scale our services to provide highly effective litigation representation in more routine matters.

Our attorneys understand that any commercial litigation tactics must take into account first and foremost the client’s objectives.  We make it our goal from the outset to understand what our clients define as “success” in any given dispute.  Only then can we most effectively bring to bear the substantial experience our attorneys share in crafting pre-trial and trial strategies to meet client expectations and fulfill their litigation needs.

Our Phoenix attorneys handle a broad range of civil litigation matters, including:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Business torts and unfair competition claims
  • Real estate disputes
  • Alleged violations of securities laws
  • Shareholder, partnership and business dissolution disputes
  • Non-competition and trade secret claims
  • Employment litigation
  • General business, franchise and customer disputes

In addition to litigation in court, our attorneys represent clients in similar disputes pending in other non-judicial forums like private arbitrations before such bodies as the American Arbitration Association.

Whether it is protecting a large corporation from counterfeiting of its products, assisting a small business in enforcing a commercial lease or defending a contract dispute, or a helping medium-sized business protect its intellectual property from infringement, our Phoenix business dispute attorneys are uniquely positioned to address all sorts of commercial disputes.


We take particular pride in the trial experience that allows us to proactively and aggressively manage litigation for our commercial litigation clients.  Recognizing that modern civil litigation always offers the potential of unwinding into a drawn-out, incredibly expensive affair as parties battle over seemingly inconsequential details, we look for ways to prevent such distraction and to force the parties to deal with the heart of the matter.  We do not look at commercial litigation as merely a cumbersome, expensive distraction, but try and find ways to turn such disputes into opportunities to strengthen or improve weak business relationships, to shore up gaps in business assets, and to jettison resource-draining problems that are getting in the way of progress.


Our Phoenix business dispute trial attorneys can help you quickly identify the legal issues involved in your dispute, outline available strategy options and their pros and cons, and implement proactive plans for seeking relief and ending the dispute on favorable term.

Business dealings should be entered into with honesty and integrity, but that is not always the case. 

Oftentimes, you may find yourself interacting with a party who has acted wrongfully by providing false or misleading information or making false promises.  On the other hand, you may be the one accused of making misrepresentations of facts or of your intentions.  All such allegations can lead to claims of fraud, negligent misrepresentation or other related forms of business torts.

The Phoenix fraud attorneys at Baskin PLC have significant experience pursuing and defending business disputes involving allegations of fraud or misrepresentation at the state at federal level.  Because fraud-type allegations often arise in or accompany a relationship which has severely degraded, such disputes can quickly require proactive litigation to put things back on track, prevent further harm from occurring, and, where appropriate, recover for the substantial injuries the fraud has caused.  Understanding that such litigation is often very expensive and not necessarily the most cost effective way to handle a dispute, we work with our clients to understand all the facts, along with their individual or business goals and objectives.  We then work with the client to adopt the litigation or settlement strategy that best fits their objectives and is most likely to meet those goals with cost efficiency.

Whether you need to act quickly to obtain injunctive relief, to reach early resolution so that harmful business distractions can be eliminated, or to initiate and actively participate in all facets of litigation, clients of Baskin PLC can expect that our substantial trial experience and judgment will guide every step of the litigation process.

The law in Arizona protects contractual relationships and expectancies for development of future contractual relationships from improper interference by outsiders.  For example, a person who attempts to undermine your business’s client relationships by making false or misleading representations about your business, or about how their own business compares to yours, may be liable for improper interference.   These type of claims can be complex, however, and whether any particular action is improper and gives you the right to stop the interference or recover damages resulting from it can depend on factual details whose significance is only apparent to a trained, experienced attorney.

That is where the commercial litigation attorneys at Baskin PLC can provide substantial value to you and your business.  We have both the legal knowledge and experience needed to help answer whether your facts create a viable claim and to help assess what type of relief or damages you might be able to seek through the courts.  For viable claims, our attorneys also offer the type of unique blend of real-world trial experience and judgment evolved through years of practice involving similar matter that is needed to quickly implement an effective trial strategy.

Of course, our experience also makes us adept at helping clients defend against meritless claims that they have wrongfully interfered with someone else’s contracts or expectancies.

Under the law governing contractual relationships, individuals and businesses can legally bind one another to perform.  A written contract is not always necessary; even verbal agreements can be legally enforced in many instances.  Unfortunately, when contracting parties fail or refuse to perform all that they have promised, commercial and private contracts can often be a source of disagreement that cannot be resolved without some kind of formal, legal action.


Our team of experienced breach of contract attorneys are well qualified to assist clients in resolving contract disputes, seeking enforcement of breached promises, and assisting clients in recovering the types of damages that often result from the failure of one party to perform contractual promises.


Whether the contract dispute involves a multi-million dollar lending or development relationship, a failed supply or subcontractor agreement, the breach of an employee’s or business partner’s non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, the refusal of one party to convey real estate as promised, or any other kind of contractual dispute, our attorneys bring a wealth of skill in contract interpretation and enforcement issues to the case.   We are particularly adept at taking the type of immediate action needed to prevent near-term harms that a breach of contract might cause, and our Phoenix attorneys have developed efficient methods for seeking temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.  We are also well schooled in damages evaluation and can quickly and efficiently size up both potential recovery options and damages defenses that may impact our clients.  In short, we offer pragmatic, efficient and effective representation in almost all categories of Phoenix breach of contract disputes.

The attorneys at Baskin PLC have significant experience representing individual and institutional clients in relation to many real estate disputes.  Our experience includes:

  • Contract issues
  • Fiduciary duty disputes
  • Mortgage Disputes
  • Negligence
  • Title insurance matters

We represent clients involving these matters not only in traditional litigation but our Phoenix real estate dispute attorneys have experience before the Registrar of Contractors as well.  The attorneys at Baskin PLC focus on practical solutions to get your matter resolved expeditiously so that you can get back to business.

The law imposes special duties on many different people or entities whose jobs or responsibilities make them especially responsible to look out for interests other than their own.  These are known as “fiduciary” duties, and they are most often associated with trustees, corporate directors, partners, investment advisers, and certain professionals.  Where the law recognizes a “fiduciary duty” the person having that duty is required to put the interests of others ahead of their own and meet certain standards of behavior.  For instance, a corporate director may be required to disclose any interest he or she has in a sale of property to the company, or a trustee may be restricted to investing money under their care in only specific, relatively safe investment options.


Because fiduciary duties are expected to look out for others, any time they breach those duties they can expose themselves to liability for any damages that result from their failure to follow the rules that apply to them.

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