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Whether you are a private citizen, government agency or a business that is dealing with government regulations or administrative law matters we can help. Our Phoenix administrative law attorneys can resolve all types of matters you may encounter, including:

  • Professional licensing issues
  • Regulatory enforcement

We offer representation of government agencies, government officers, and private citizens impacted by government regulation.  In all cases we help guide our clients through the legal maze often associated with administrative law disputes and help them understand the often complex procedures, legal rights and legal duties that arise in regulatory and administrative matters.  This allows our clients to address regulatory or administrative matters quickly and efficiently while maximizing the potential for a positive outcome.

Our unique experience in representing clients on both sides of administrative and regulatory matters means we are particularly good at predicting the strategies that may be employed by opposing parties and at developing an approach that limits unnecessary conflict.

Ultimately, the real key to successful representation in administrative matters is combining the ability to understand the procedures and rules that determine what type of claims can be pursued with good old-fashioned trial presentation techniques.  Our Phoenix administrative law attorneys use their unique backgrounds to blend these skills effectively.

Arizona and federal law imposes licensing and permitting requirements on all types of business activities. Professionals in the education, investment and securities, medical, legal, accounting, architecture, construction, realty and other fields must maintain licenses and are subject to governmental regulation for their professional activities. Such licenses carry with them ongoing governmental or regulatory oversight that can subject license holders to investigation, sanction, and even revocation of their licenses. Because each type of license may involve a unique set of procedures and standards, and the license is literally the key to being able to perform in your chosen field, addressing licensing disputes can put the continued operation of a business in danger.

Many Phoenix and Arizona businesses will be subject to some form of business permit requirement, and of course the multiple layers of government impose tax requirements that business owners must obey. Also, many types of businesses may be required to maintain permits certifying they have met governmental standards for their industry and are in compliance with applicable safety and health requirements. Examples include restaurants and other foodservice businesses, establishments selling alcohol, medical facilities, and spas or salons. Obtaining permits and keeping them in good standing may involve confusing regulations and dealing with overtaxed regulators.

Government agencies can also benefit from our input and advice when licensing questions or disputes arise.  The refusal, suspension or revocation of a license often creates large incentives for the license applicant or holder to seek legal relief.  We help clients facing protracted litigation prospects to identify strategies for honoring their administrative responsibilities while still moving the case along quickly with as little dispute as possible.

Your professional future and business may be at risk if you are facing an Arizona professional license or permit dispute. In many professions, sanctions or convictions could result in the loss of or inability to obtain a professional license in other subjects or locations even if the issue had nothing directly to do with the other license or location. For example, a healthcare licensee suspended in Arizona for matters that may involve dishonesty might be prevented from obtaining a similar license in other states. Or, losing a business permit in Maricopa County for willful failure to comply with county regulations might impact the permit holder’s ability to obtain other government permits in other counties in the future. Getting effective representation can be critical to avoiding these long-lasting consequences.

Our administrative law attorneys are prepared to assist you throughout the professional licensing process in Arizona.

Contact us for evaluation of your matter if you are:

  • Investment advisors or brokers facing investigation by the ACC, FINRA or the SEC;
  • Medical professional such as physicians, veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists, chiropractors, physical therapists and trainers or occupational therapists facing a license investigation or enforcement action from a state licensing board;
  • Representation of accountants and individuals licensed to sell insurance or real estate;

Our firm can also provide advice and representation to patients, client, or employers who need legal advice on how to challenge a professional’s license in Arizona or help invoking regulatory oversight for practices that have hurt or endangered you or others. Examples can include businesses seeking help with the failure of a registered contractor to perform its job correctly, patients seeking licensing oversight for improper medical treatment, or investment clients seeking regulatory involvement in their dispute with a broker over a failed investment.

Many types of businesses must comply with standards of practice created by state, county or local statutes, regulations, ordinances or codes. Examples include hospitals, medical, dental or other medical treatment facilities, restaurants, animal shelters, construction sites and businesses involved in the sale or handling of food items like grocery and convenience stores, each of which faces public safety regulations enforced through regular inspections. Whether the regulation involves the production processes you use, the advertising or packaging of your products, or how your business deals with any waste, government regulation can impact every step in your business processes.  Just a few examples include zoning, signage, parking, noise and pollution regulations. Thus, you or your business may be subject to oversight and regulation by federal, state, county or city health and safety, tax, building, fire, water, zoning or environmental regulators – and sometimes by overlapping sets of regulators acting at the federal, state, county and local levels.

With such regulation comes enforcement. You or your business may be under investigation for violating the requirements of your licenses, your permits, or other regulatory requirements such as a Maricopa County environmental regulation, a City of Phoenix zoning ordinance, or a county noise or pollution regulation and need an experienced administrative law attorney in Arizona to explain the relevant law, the administrative processes involved, and to assert your rights with regulatory officials. You may face an administrative hearing, perhaps involving the imposition of serious penalties or sanctions. You may even face the loss or suspension of a license that is the lifeblood of your business. All of these situations require an experienced Arizona attorney to defend you in an administrative hearing or, perhaps, in related court proceedings. Our attorneys have the experience needed to effectively evaluate your situation, advise you clearly on the options available to you, and effectively act as your advocate before the regulators.

We are also adept at representing government regulators who regularly face the threat that exercising their governmental duties will result in claims of improper or illegal interference with a citizen’s livelihood or property rights.  Such officials require careful planning of regulatory functions to avoid overstepping legal boundaries and effective advocacy once their regulatory decisions are challenged.  We have a wealth of experience advising government officials, and can quickly assess risks in a given situation, then help structure the most direct and effective solution alternatives available to help guide government clients.

Whether you are facing the burden and anxiety that comes with being the target of a regulatory enforcement matter, or working had to meet all legal requirements for invoking your governmental power in regulating a class of people or businesses, our Phoenix regulatory enforcement attorneys can help you.

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